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5 Olympic Way, London HA9 0NP, UK
Sat 9 February 2019 - 09h00
Until: Sat 9 February 2019 - 19h00
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Soul Arena
Does your soul still burn? Fuel your passion for victory in WeaponMaster, a SoulCalibur only tournament presented by Electronic Gaming Open. In association with EdgeMaster Series, this tournament will gather the strongest souls in glorious battle, leaving only one as the true master of the blade...
Situated at the heart of Wembley, Novotel London Wembley hosts what will be a true technical mastery of SoulCalibur 6, with players across the country proving they are the supreme champion of SC6, securing there place in legend.

It doesn't stop with the end of the tournament, the festivities will continue with exhibitions from some of the communities most skilled and unique players, showcasing talent in what will be a celebration of the SoulCalibur Community!
Important Information:

This is an advance sign-up tournament only, you can sign up using www.smash.gg/weaponmaster and registering with us there. Contact information is available so any questions regarding the event please don't hesitate to call.

Tournament format will be double elimination pools to make it into the top cut. Players who make it out of winners and losers side will respectively have to fight from there side of the bracket, essentially only giving competitors 2 lives throughout this tournament.
Matches are won on 2/3 format throughout tbe tournament. Winners, Losers and Grand Final is 3/5.
Tournament Start at 1pm (1300)
Stage select will always be set to random.
DLC characters will be allowed on a case by case basis, for example if there is a new character released close to the event we will review it alongside the community and give a decision at a later date. However characters already released (Tira) will be competitively viable for the tournament.
Inferno is Banned!
Bring your own pad or FightStick, pads will be checked post match to make sure there Bluetooth is disconnected from the console.
There will be casual setups alongside the tournament setups, please use both respectively and respectfully to give yourself and others the best experience from our tournament.

Prizes: Trophy/Medal and Cash Prizes for Top 3, GTOmega Computer/Gaming Chair to 1st place (sponsored and donated by GTOmega) 1st: 70% 2nd: 20% 3rd: 10%

Any questions please contact me (Tenners/Daniel Jones) using the contact information given.

May the goddess of victory shine brightly as you pave your path of legends... Secure your place in history at WeaponMaster, coming February 9th 2019!
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