Mitsurugi Soulcalibur VI : premières impressions

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Les impression de Party Wolf sur le personnage :

- Mitsurugi's new moves -

- 1BB - This is a crazy low mid string. It is a natural combo on standing opponents AND grounded opponents. It leaves you in full crouch with some frame advantage
- 1BA+B- This isnt a natural combo but I guess you use it to bait reversal edges. Automatically goes into Relic.
- 66(B) - It is his SCV 66BB but you hold the input on the first part of the string to go into Relic.
- Relic B - Ok this is kinda a new move? It looks similar to the old Relic B, but it doesn't sidestep.
- Relic A, Relic (A), and Relic AA - Seems like just a jab. Both hits are high. 1st hit can go into Mist.
- Relic K - Long range unsafe tackle. Very useful in combos since it spikes then down in front of you for a free follow up
- 6BB and 6B(B) - Mid stabs that go into Mist. Dunno how good it is.
- 66K - Shoulder tackle. Felt really linear and less reward than just running up and doing his old 33K.
- AAA - Same deal as Sophitia. I honestly don't remember if it is a mid or not, but it is slow.
- BBB - Basically a BB into a reversal edge.
- 6AA - Same as his old 6A, but now there is a painfully slow mid horizontal follow up.
- WR AA - Same WR A but with a high follow up that side turns on hit. NC.(modifié)

- Mitsurugi Changes -

- 1A no longer knocksdown
- 1aB has a new animation
- 3A is like his old 3A but the animation is changed and it feels like it might have nerfed range. Felt weird.
- BB6 is changed to B(B)
- bA CH stuns. Can't really get much of a combo. Increased pushback.
- 3B
- B6
- 1B is now changed to 2B
- 236B and 236(B) now have severe pushback on hit and block. Hold version might be faster too. For regular 236B I couldn't even punish it with Mitsu B6 and I was definitely out of range for everything else that would be faster. Seems like the ultimate "get off me move" next to Soul Charge.
- SC4 44AA changed to be 236A:A
- SC4 11K changed to 236K. 236(K) on hit makes Relic B a frame trap that you can't move out of. You just gotta hold that.
- 6B8 is now 4B
- 11BA is now ALSO 44BA. Mist transition on normal hit grants you a couple face pokes.
- FC 1BB is now WS B2B
- New Jump B is like a while landing B in animation. Causes stun on hit and gives you a free 1BB.
- kB unchanged, but SC2 players will like the Soul Charge version.
- 2KB is now inputted as 1KB. -13 on hit with pushback on hit.
- 4KB now pushes you out far on hit. If you only land 4K you're left standing.
- WR K has increased range to match 4K. Has some pushback.
- SC4 A+B is now B+K
- 8A+B
- A+B is the same animation as his broken destiny move that causes CF.
- 66A+BG now cancels into Relic
- Regains his SC2 66AA
- 22A is now 11_44_77A. Can do 44(A) to go into Relic.
- Regains his SC4 22A
- Mist (B) goes into Relic
- Mist BBBB has a new animation to where the last hit looks like his SC5 4B.
- Mist A+B is faster. Stuns them on hit but they fall too low to get a 3B relaunch. If you trigger his revenge attack by hitting him out of it, he comes back at you with a mid unblockable.
- Mist KB NCC
- 2B+KB is the same unblockable, but on hit it gives him the hit throw animation of SC5 A+B.
- Generic low kick is 2K

- Mitsurugi in Soul Charge -

- Gets his 2KB BE from SC5 as 1KBB. Can do all three hits on block.
- 3B BE returns as 3BB.
- 22BB is a mid stun into a mid launcher. NC.
- 66A+B
- kB
- bA hit throws on normal hit
- 236B spikes them to the ground like 236B BE in SC5

- Overall Mitsurugi Impression -
Now has better lows with 1BB and 236(K) into Relic B force block. Soul Charge version is pretty ridiculous since he has those easy 50/50s on top of the SC2 kB as a get in tool. Seems improved just like Sophitia. 236B as a neutral resetter will be very handy.

Sample Mitsu combo:
33(B), Relic K, 66BB


Balance is a fool's master
Ça fais plaisir de voir autant de changements sur un perso classique, j'espère en voir + ! :)


From what I've seen so far (didnt play the game)
1BB is disdvantage on hit, RO / Wallsplat possible
1B A + B launches, cant be stepped or GI / RE (GB move) but can be interrupted, goes into relic
66_33_99B hold ~ RLC can combo with RLC A: A, RLC B for some sweet dmg
RLC B is advantage on guard
WR AA 2nd hit wiff even on CH

1A can lethal hit (if done as high crush)
1AB comes out fast fast hard to detect
3A is awful no tracking no combos
4B and 6B are great but no dmg (20dmg reg, 10 on guts)
3B lethal hit on ducking, can get 2A + B, 66A + B combo for some dmg
b6 can lethal hit can get something decent off it idk what tho
22A lethal hit on sidestep, 44BA works
has 236A: Justframe, great for ending combos
RLC A: A is a justframe for more dmg but not NC combo
B + K: B is a justframe idk if has any followups
Still can 6A + B impale for dmg or oki

His RE options are
RE is pretty low dmg
RE B combo into CE
RE K give him mixup between SC4 66BB and SC4 2KB, good even on bloking opponent so theres some utility here could be his main offencive tool off RE really. In defence you get much better rewards of RE step / cr dash (full hold 236B / 6A + B)